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Help Protect Children from Online Porn

Fiona Bruce calls on Govt to introduce age controls for online pornography

24 July 2020

A Christian MP has called on the UK Government to introduce age verification controls online as soon as possible, to protect children from online pornography.

Fiona Bruce was speaking during Wednesday’s summer adjournment debate which marked the end of the last Parliamentary session and the start of summer recess.

Age verification controls were supposed to be introduced as part of the Digital Economy Act 2017 but, following repeated delays, they were abandoned in October 2019. This decision is currently subject to an ongoing legal challenge.

Mrs Bruce said the ‘profound harm’ caused to children by easily accessible pornography is an issue of ‘deep concern’ to parents. She called for urgent action because the lockdown has increased digital use by children:

“The Government have stated many times, not least in our 2015 manifesto, their intentions to better protect children from online harms, yet I regret to say that they have not followed this up with appropriately expeditious action. That action is urgently needed, particularly bearing in mind that lockdown has increased digital use by children.”
Fiona Bruce MP

Govt urged to intro­duce age verification

Kids computer home a
Children as young as seven are viewing online pornography

When age verification controls were dropped last year, the Government said it would address it alongside other online harms.

However, action on this front as been very slow and the proposed Online Harms Bill has not been introduced. Mrs Bruce said it could be 2023-24 before it is enacted.

Mrs Bruce called on the Government to act:

“I call on Ministers in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and in other Departments to expedite work on this, so that several more years do not pass before children are better protected from the profound harm that seeing pornography online can cause. I urge Ministers to implement part 3, with age verification, now. We cannot make the internet safe, but we can make it safer.”
Fiona Bruce MP

Ask your MP to sup­port Age Veri­fic­a­tion Controls

You can help make the internet safer for children by emailing your MP and asking them to put pressure on the Government to implement age verification. Our web page will give you useful points to make in your email.


Help Protect Children from Online Porn

A new campaign to help protect children online by introducing mandatory age checks on online pornography

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