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Our God is a God of life! Over a thousand pray for NI’s future

3 September 2019

Last night over 1500 Christians from right across Northern Ireland gathered at St Anne’s Cathedral in the heart of Belfast for a prayer event entitled “For the Soul of the Nation.” Christians from right across Northern Ireland, from right across the denominational spectrum came along to pray in the aftermath of the passage of the NI Executive Formation Act.

This legislation will lead to NI having one of the most liberal laws on abortion in the world if the NI Executive is not reformed by October 21. St Anne’s filled up well in advance of 8pm and sadly some were unable to get in because there were so many people there.

The night was a night of prayer. The emphasis was on bringing our part of the world before God in prayer. NI faces enormous challenges in the coming months with the NI Executive sadly still not meeting and the repercussions of Brexit coming down the track. It was a profound thing to unite with Christians to pray together for the common good of our society. We continue to pray for the restoration of the Executive; for our politicians as they try to navigate the difficult circumstances they face; and for the good of both lives in a pregnancy, mother and baby.

One of the themes which stuck with me from last night was the vital truth that our God is a God of life. Christians last night united to pray that the God of life would protect life - we at CARE will be doing all we can to do so in our advocacy in the days, months and years ahead.

Mark Baillie, CARE NI Policy Officer



In any pregnancy, both the woman and preborn baby have inherent value and dignity, by virtue of being made in the image of God. CARE is passionately pro-woman and pro-life.

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