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CARE NI to join thousands in silent protest at plans to liberalise abortion laws

6 September 2019

Thousands of people, including a huge number of CARE NI supporters, are expected to join a silent walk today (Friday, 6 September) on Stormont in protest at Westminster’s imposition of extreme abortion laws on the people of Northern Ireland.

There have been reports of people being bussed in from all over NI to join the walk, which starts at 7pm at the Stormont estate and is open to all who wish to express their anger and frustration at the intended law change.

It follows the decision by MPs and Peers at Westminster on 10 July to vote for amendments tabled to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill, which will introduce radical abortion laws in NI from October 22, unless the Assembly is restored.

The new regime will mean abortions allowed potentially up to 28 weeks – almost 7 months, for any reason including gender selection, disability and socio-economic reasons.

This radical change will have severe and damaging consequences, CARE NI said today and the decision by MPs and Peers is also out of step with what people in NI actually want.

To celebrate the unique value and worth of every person from conception to natural end, CARE NI is running a Billboard campaign across NI called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

CARE NI Director, Tim Martin said:

“There is real anger and unrest here about how Westminster has imposed such profound social changes on Northern Ireland without any consultation.

“Our current law on abortion is a life-affirming one and we believe it sends a positive message that both the lives of mothers and babies matter.

“At CARE NI, we are passionate about the value of life of every human being, from conception right through to life’s natural end. It does not matter who you are, where you are from, what you look like or what your background is, we believe that every human being has intrinsic dignity.

“There are many, many people across NI who share this vision – some Christians, others not – but united in the belief that abortion is rarely in the best interests of the mother or child.

“Almost two thousand people came together in St Anne’s Cathedral on Monday night and we are privileged to be joining with many others at the walk tonight.

“Peacefully and with purpose we will send a clear message to our elected representatives that we want to see the Assembly restored so decisions about abortion law can be made here.”

CARE NI Policy Officer, Mark Baillie said:

“Abortion Law is a devolved matter and there is no legitimate justification for Westminster interfering in this way.

“We want to see a restored Assembly so sensitive, complicated and important issues like abortion law can be debated in our Assembly, by our elected representatives, rather than by MPs and Peers who do not represent NI constituencies.

“Tonight’s walk will see people from all walks of life coming together to send a very clear message that the way this law change has been imposed on us is unacceptable.

“We are hoping that political parties here will see a powerful demonstration of people’s frustration at what’s happened and there will be a renewed willingness to put differences aside to see the Assembly restored to NI.”


Notes to editors:

CARE NI is attending and supporting the event which is being organized by NI Voiceless. If you would like to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, please contact Laura Nelson: e: or t: +44 (0)7557260600 / 01908 322517.

CARE is a well-established mainstream Christian charity providing resources and helping to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives. CARE is represented in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies.

CARE NI’s Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Campaign celebrates the unique value and worth of every individual. Billboards carrying that message can be seen at various points across NI.



In any pregnancy, both the woman and preborn baby have inherent value and dignity, by virtue of being made in the image of God. CARE is passionately pro-woman and pro-life.

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