Living Free

Living Free

Author: CARE
£ 7.00

A practical guide to mentoring and helping others to live free from the web of internet pornography.

'This much-needed handbook gives practical help both to people struggling with internet pornography themselves, and anyone who knows a person who is. It is written from a Christian viewpoint and presents accessible, concise information and encouragement to the strugglers, their spouses and those who offer them pastoral and practical help.' - Rev Lyndon Bowring, CARE Chairman

'This is a wonderful contribution in a vital area.' - Rob Parsons

'Living Free provides an excellent step by step guide to help you chart your way through what would otherwise be very tumultuous waters. You will find here practical, non-judgemental pastoral wisdom that could be a life saver.' - Margaret Ellis, Psychosexual Therapist

'We believe this informative, practical and important resource will help many people break free from the destructive lure of pornography.' - Nicky and Sila Lee, Authors of 'The Marriage Course'

ISBN 978-0-905195-06-3
© CARE 2008