Thoughts from Graduates...

“The biggest way in which my placement helped me was

through being able to see my work as an outworking of

my Christian faith. I’ve had an opportunity to meet

some of the people on whose behalf we work for

which of course has fuelled my desire for human rights.”
(Matt Jones)

 “The programme enabled me to experience politics

academically (in lectures), socially (with other

graduates), practically (in Parliament) and overseas

(visiting Brussels). Allowing myself a year to think

about how Christians can and should interact with the

world of politics has shaped my personal spiritual and

political journey.”
(2014-15 Graduate)

“Being with a close group of friends on a Friday has been an enlightening experience where ideas have been born and bounced off people with various opinions. What made the disagreements more fruitful was the deep knowledge that we all had of a love for Christ and what he had done, is doing and will do in our lives.” (2014-15 Graduate)

“I wanted to know what it was like to be a Christian in the media. CARE showed me what it meant to think about

things through a lens of faith. That was really helpful in applying that to both the content of what I make and making

me a better person to work with.”
(Lynda Davies)

“Faith is the reason I am in politics at all, it is the reason that I want to change
society because of my Christian faith. The whole idea behind the Programme is
who those two worlds interact and have those who are further down the road come and
share some of those experiences.”

(Kieron Turner)

“When I look at other leaders in the world it often seems to equate to success
and particularly financial success  and power and so this idea of servant leadership
has been something that has really been on our heart as a class together; what does this look
like to be willing to take on responsibilities  and to be people who have passion and
want to move things forward and at the same time wanting to be humble in that”

(Charlie Ager)

“I did not expect this year to be quite so invasive. I expected to learn a lot, but was unaware of how much I would learn about myself and others. I owe a debt to CARE and their supporters … I have been equipped far beyond the average.”
(2014-15 Graduate)

“I can honestly say that without the CARE Leadership Programme I
wouldn’t be where I am today on two levels. Firstly, I wouldn’t have had the introduction to
the political process which I now need for my job  but it is also what I learned from
Lord David Alton in respect of making a difference where you are, understanding how things
work and trying to make a difference with those who you are actually working alongside.” 
(Lee Wells)

“The Leadership Programme has been the richest teaching and training investment I've received in thinking about the relationship between Christ and Culture, and growing in servant leadership.
(2014-15 Graduate)

“What the Programme has done for me is opened my eyes to future possibilities
and it has inspired me to consider a future in politics”        

(Christina Robinson) 

“My time with a Liberal Democrat MP in Westminster was an incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling experience, giving an inside view into the way the world of politics works and how a Christian might begin to exist in that world and then influence it. I quickly had to get to grips with parliamentary procedures, Bills, how a busy MP's office runs - not to mention the layout of the Palace of Westminster, which could have taken a year in itself. As a volunteer, I felt a valued part of my MP's team.The programme was formative in cementing my faith, my worldview, my politics and my plans for the future - I felt blessed all the way through and continue to reap the rewards of that year." 
(Sam - Graduate)


' The Lord bless you and watch, guard and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon and enlighten you '

Numbers 6: 34, 35 (AV)