(SOLD OUT) Finishing Line Course - Leaders Guide & DVD

(SOLD OUT) Finishing Line Course - Leaders Guide & DVD

Author: John Wyatt
£ 22.99

Considering recent political developments in the UK, exploring and understanding the issue of assisted dying is more important now than ever. There are no easy answers, but the Finishing Line course encourages a more open understanding of the subject from a Christian perspective. 

This is useful study course for church leaders and groups, Bible colleges and individuals in opening up conversation on this matter and exploring the key issues of assisted suicide, human dignity, medical and legal concerns, palliative care and others in a Biblical context.

'John Wyatt's contribution to the area of medical ethics is well known, and this study course on death and dying is welcome and timely.' - Jonathan Lamb, Keswick Ministries

Course components:

Leaders Guide with text of filmed talks, pastoral notes, biblical references and prayer points for each section by Celia Bowring of CARE. Attached to the Guide is the:

DVD - Full talks by John Wyatt, introductions by Philippa Taylor, CARE’s consultant on family and bioethics issues.

We recommend you also order course booklets for Finishing Line. These are available in packs of ten with discussion pointers, biblical references and prayer points.

The five sections:

1. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide – the current scene
2. What does it mean to be human?
3. Can suicide ever be a Christian way to die?
4. Dying well and dying faithfully – personal aspects.
5. Dying well and dying faithfully – medical and legal aspects.

Finishing Line is a joint project between CARE and Keswick Ministries.
ISBN 978-0-905195-20-9
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