#FutureIsNow | Robotics Conference


A conference, especially for Christian leaders, to explore the theological, social and practical implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics.

God built into creation every technological possibility that could ever be devised, so no discovery or invention is a surprise to Him. The robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of today are the most recent tools that can help us, or do harm, as they could in some cases change our view of what being human means. Margot James MP, the new Minister of State for Digital is taking steps to ensure there is proper ethical oversight in this area. It’s vital that the Church is involved with this! A recent positive article by the CEO of ABB, a leading supplier of robots for industry, said that instead of being concerned they could take control, ‘we must channel our energies into mastering robotics, A.I. and other technologies for better lives.’

Last year, we had thousands of orders for Dr Nigel Cameron’s new book The Robots Are Coming – Us, Them and God and received such positive feedback on how inspiring and helpful it is. It’s still available through CARE. On Friday 29 June we hosted a conference to explore the theological, ethical, social and practical implications of advances in A.I. and robotics and to discuss how the Church might respond. 

CARE's Chairman Lyndon Bowring had this to say about the conference:

"Human beings are incredibly important to our God of love, and that's why Christians have always been at the forefront of caring for others as part of their worship. We know that one day, when all of God’s purposes are accomplished, Christ will wind up history, creating a new heaven and a new earth. I firmly believe we must serve Him and care for others, as if His coming will happen today and yet to plan, as Dr Nigel Cameron says, as if that glorious event were still a thousand years or more in the future."

The sold-out conference was a huge success, with over 250 church leaders, theology students and others joining in the conversation about robotics and their place in society.

Why not watch the highlights video of our conference below?

All the talks were recorded and will be available on our website shortly.

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