P Word Conferences

A practical Christian response to pornography for all leaders

The shift of pornography from sex shop to smartphone has created huge problems for our churches and communities. Porn has never been more accessible, affordable, anonymous or addictive. This is a very uncomfortable, but serious subject. In the UK millions of adults, teenagers and even younger children, are freely accessing increasingly violent  online material on their phones, tablets and computers. Research from both the US and Britain indicates that excessive use of pornography affects people physically, mentally, emotionally and is ruining relationships, both outside and inside the Church.

Our heart is to equip leaders with a practical and pastoral response to the issue of pornography.

CARE partnered with the Naked Truth Project to host the first P Word Conference in London in June 2016. Over 350 church leaders came together seeking to talk about and tackle the issue of pornography in their congregations and communities. The day included both live and pre-recorded contributions from international speakers, leading experts and parliamentarians alongside personal accounts from individuals and time for worship and prayer. Since then, CARE and the Naked Truth Project saw a successful further three conferences - in Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow. 



For further details, visit pwordconference.com