Digital Technologies Tour Nov 2018

Keeping the faith in a digital world

We have become familiar with super-fast broadband, smartphones and 24hr connectivity but this is just the start of the digital revolution. Join the CARE team as we explore  some of these key questions and hear  some of the current best thinking around the issues. Through live presentations, video clips, discussion and Q & A sessions we hope to stimulate your thinking and provide resources to help churches further engage with the topic. With 8 events in November, we hope you will be able to join us! 

  • How is technology reshaping the way we do life?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of our online engagement?
  • How will new developments affect healthcare, employment and relationships?
  • What Biblical foundations will help us to shape a healthy society?

    Upcoming events dates and locations:


    • Tuesday 6 November (Evening)
    • Wednesday 7 November (Breakfast)  


    • Wednesday 7 November (Evening)
    • Thursday 8 November (Lunch)


    • Tuesday 27 November (Evening)
    • Wednesday 28 November (Breakfast)


    • Wednesday 28 November (Evening) 
    • Thursday 29 November (Breakfast)

    To RSVP and book your free space, please click here. To find out more information, please email or telephone 020 7227 4733.