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CARE Sessions: Protecting & Supporting Young People Online

CARE Ses­sions: Pro­tect­ing & Sup­port­ing Young People Online

26 November 2020 - 11:00 - 11:40

CARE Sessions: Politics, Unpacked.

Helping you to effectively engage with & stand up for the issues that matter to you.

Join us for CARE Session Online, where we will be unpacking parliament, to help equip and encourage you to engage effectively with the causes that matter to us & to you.

For this session, James will be joined by special guest and CEO of Naked Truth Project Ian Henderson. Ian and James will be unpacking the importance of online protection for children and young people and also discussing the support thats available for those struggling with additions through the work of Naked Truth Project.

Many of us often wonder how we can bring about lasting change in parliaments and assemblies across the UK. Join us as we unpack the topics and discuss opportunities for us as Christians to stand up for vital causes within our nation.

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