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CARE Sessions: Politics, unpacked

CARE SesĀ­sions: PolitĀ­ics, unpacked

13 August 2020 - 11:00 - 11:30

We're delighted to introduce CARE sessions, a new initiative to help you connect more with our work. The sessions will be live on CARE's Facebook Page and on our YouTube channel and we'll be exploring the vital importance of Christian engagement in politics.

CARE Sessions are a four part series and we'd love you to sign up and register for the four sessions, using the button below.

In the first session, our host James Mildred was joined by CARE's CEO, Nola Leach and CARE's Chairman, Rev Lyndon Bowring to discuss Christian engagement in politics. The second session will explore the issue of abortion, the third will delve into the reality of human trafficking and the final session will look at free speech.

Book now so you can join us for this first CARE sessions and you'll also be able to access complimentary resources as well. And the best news of all, is that's it completely free.

Once you're registered for your place, we'll send you the link you'll need so you can join us on Thursday, 30 July at 11:00AM.