Church Leaders

Working with Church Leaders

Listening to church leaders, responding to requests, developing resources, inspiring reflection and action.

We deeply respect the faithful witness of tens of thousands of churches around the country that provide leadership and practical support in the community.   Local church leaders are our key partners. They inspire their congregations to pray for elected representatives (councillors, MPs etc), campaign on important issues and encourage participation in political parties, events and debates. We are keen to support them in this task and delivering seminars on current issues including: human trafficking, end of life issues and online safety, and coming to preach at Sunday services.

These online resources are the result of asking church leaders around the country; ‘What would help you to inspire your congregations to be involved in political and social justice issues?’   We hope that you will find them useful and recommend them to others.  We will be adding further material to this section of our website in due course; please feel free to send suggestions to 

Learn about 'Open'

Providing post-abortion support within churches.

Pornography Addiction

Advice for church leaders on the problem of pornography.

Finishing Line

Unique new study course on assisted dying.


That was work. This is now.

National Marriage Week 2019

Recipe for a Healthy Marriage

Brexit: Pray for our Nation

With the March 29 deadline fast approaching we want to commit our nation to the Lord.

Invite a CARE Speaker to your Church

We run seminars on key issues and are happy to preach at Sunday services

‘God in Politics’ Bible Studies

Series of 3 bible studies for small groups

How UK Parliaments & Assemblies Work

Guide to understanding Parliaments and Assemblies across the UK

Human Trafficking Resources for Christian Leaders

Our suite of resources to help you reflect and respond to human trafficking

How to Take Action

Equipping you and your church for action

How to Contact your MP

How to find and get in touch with your MP

' In that day He will be your sure foundation, providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the Lord will be your treasure. '

Isaiah 33: 6 NLT