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Religious Liberty
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Religious Liberty

Pray for Religious Liberty

God of truth and grace, help us to uphold people’s freedom to express and live out their faith and speak up with respect and in peace for they believe. May our society increasingly show genuine tolerance to all; in education, the workplace and other spheres.


Oth­er pray­er points

God of all compassion, please draw near today to Christians throughout the world who are persecuted because of their faith. Please prosper the work of diplomats, politicians and Christian organisations and campaigners who speak out on their behalf. Amen.

Please pray for anyone today who is facing a crisis of conscience concerning their personal lives, or an issue that will affect the wider community. Ask the Holy Spirit to give them clarity to find an honest, fair and loving course of action and grant them courage to follow it.

Pray about legal cases of Christians who have been penalised or even dismissed, because they could not act against their religious conscience at work. Ask God for wisdom to know when it is right to fight for such freedom, and how best to do so.

Remember those who go in Christ’s name to people-whether far off or to communities nearby-who are hostile and unreceptive to the gospel. Pray that they will not give up, even in the face of attack or rejection, but trust that God will work out His purposes through them.

Give thanks that Christian individuals and Church leaders are increasingly willing to engage with political developments in Westminster and their devolved assemblies and parliaments. Pray that the Church would speak boldly for righteousness, but always in a spirit of true tolerance and graciousness.


Religious Liberty

The right to freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental human right. We are campaigning to safeguard these freedoms in our society.

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At the heart of all of CARE’s work is our determination to uphold the truth that human beings made in God’s image are immensely valuable and deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion.

We want to show a better story for our culture and society, and we want to be part of shaping that in structures that we are given as citizens in the UK…

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