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Assisted Suicide
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Assisted Suicide

Protect Life — Say No To Assisted Suicide in Scotland

Scotland has a proud heritage as a caring nation. All that is being undermined by this new Bill. I'd like to invite you to stand with us as we say 'no' to assisted suicide and 'yes' to better quality end of life care.
Dr Stuart Weir Director, CARE for Scotland

A new Assisted Suicide Bill has been introduced in the Scottish Parliament which is trying to legalise assisted killing for patients who meet certain criteria.

In response, CARE for Scotland is launching the Protect Life campaign, through which we'll be making the case for assisted living, not assisted dying.

Our positive vision for Scotland does not involve giving doctors the legal power to help patients kill themselves. Instead, we will be calling for MSPs to reject this Bill in favour of a better alternative.

Here we set out the main arguments against the Bill.


Reason 1: assisted suicide will put pressure on the most vulnerable across Scotland to actively choose an assisted killing.

Reason 2: The doctor / patient relationship would be forever changed if we give doctors the legal power to kill patients in certain circumstances.

Reason 3: In places around the world where assisted suicide is already legal, you see the same pattern emerging. Numbers will increase and the criteria will be broadened. So called 'safeguards' disappear over time.

Reason 4: it makes no sense for MSPs to support the Scottish Government's National Suicide Prevention Strategy on the one hand and yet support the legalisation of assisted suicide as well.

Watch as James and Dr Gillian Wright discuss assisted suicide and why it's so important to #protectlife

Will you write to your MSPs and ask them to vote against the Bill?

  • Tell your MSPs you understand the pressure they're under to support the bill.
  • Ask your MSPs to consider carefully the evidence from other countries, especially the evidence showing that safeguards disappear over time.
  • Point out during the recent covid pandemic, we've protected life by looking after the most vulnerable. Legalising assisted suicide is a contradiction of this.
  • Say this Bill will put pressure on everyone living with a terminal illness and everyone living with a disability.
  • Ask your MSPs to vote against the Assisted Suicide Bill.

Write to your elected representative

Please ask your 8 MSPs to vote against this new Assisted Suicide Bill. Simply put your postcode into the box below and you'll be re-directed to the Write to Them website.

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Pray with us

We've got a special prayer resource to help you pray about end of life issues, including assisted suicide and palliative care. Click the link below and discover our Ten Ways to Pray About End of Life.

Pray with us
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Understanding palliative care

Palliative care is a wholistic approach to looking after dying patients, helping them manage their symptoms effectively.

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