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CARE’s Better Story Tour: Cambridge Online

As part of our Better Story Tour, we had hoped to be with you in Cambridge on 26 March, but we sadly had to cancel because of safety concerns connected to the cornonavirus pandemic. We're so sorry we couldn't meet with you all in person and didn't want you to miss out! Below, you'll find a special video we've put together, where you'll hear from the CARE team, enjoy a beautiful song by Graham Kendrick and watch a special message from Dr RT Kendall, all the way from Nashvilee, USA! We hope you enjoy it.


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If you enjoyed this CARE Event online, then you'll love our new, re-vamped YouTube channel! You'll find plenty of helpful content, from bible messages, to clips from Parliament and updates on our work.

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Nola Leach
We’re so sorry we could­n’t meet you in per­son at our Cam­bridge Event! Hope­fully the video above helped inspire and inform you of our work across the UK. if you’d like to donate to CARE and sign-up for our weekly email updates, you can do so eas­ily below. Thank you for stand­ing with us at this time.
Nola Leach Chief Executive of CARE

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