Where We Work

CARE (London)


CARE is represented at Parliament in Westminster.

Our head office is located at:

53 Romney Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3RF

e: mail@care.org.uk | t: 0207 233 0455

Click here to find out more about our work in Westminster


UK-wide initiatives:



smiling church congregation looking to front of churchCARE is passionate about God’s work through the local church. We could not do our work without the faithful witness of local churches around the country, providing leadership and practical support in their own communities.

Local church leaders are our key partners by inspiring their congregations to pray for elected representatives (councillors, MPs, MEPs), campaign on important issues and encourage the participation of church members in political parties and discussions.

We have recently launched a brand new ministry for the Third Age - CARE for the Future,  which aims to inspire and encourage those finding themselves at this stage to discover and develop areas of ministry God may be opening up for them. Click here to find out more.

We are keen to support church leaders in this task and we are often involved in giving seminars (e.g. human trafficking, sexualisation of society) and preaching in Sunday services on Bible passages that are applied to these causes, around the UK. If you would like to request a CARE speaker for your church or community group, please contact: mail@care.org.uk


The Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme exists to equip young Christian graduates with integrity and excellence at the beginning of their working lives, fostering people of influence, whose work will benefit our society. The Programme combines vigorous academic study with the practical experience of voluntary placements, equipping its participants for a lifetime of integrity and service in the public square.

For over twenty years, the Leadership Programme has had a reputation for attracting and fostering talent in the parliaments of Westminster, Edinburgh and Brussels, alongside the third sector and media. Over 250 people have graduated from the Programme and are making a real contribution to our changing world.

To find out more about the Leadership Programme, click here.


Openwomen walking in a field, open logo overlapping

Open is a new caring initiative, which aims to create an environment within churches where unintended pregnancy and post abortion concerns can be shared with grace and compassionate understanding.

To find out more about Open, click here.



Pray for Schools

SCHOOL BOYS READING A BOOK TOGETHERPray for Schools - CARE's partnership between Youth for Christ, Association of Christian Teachers, Prayer Space in Schools and CTE - has a vision for every school to be a ‘prayed for’ school.

Around 1,500 prayer groups have registered so far in England and 80 people currently pray for 133 schools in Wales, we have also begun to operate in Northern Ireland. Regular prayer events take place through-out the year and Pray for Schools is increasingly known throughout the Christian education world and through social media.

For more information, visit the Pray for Schools website;  you can also follow @prayforschools on Twitter.


Supporter Events and Church Leader's Lunches

We really value the opportunity to share encouragements and challenges about CARE’s work with supporters face to face. Each year we hold supporter events in around 20 locations across the UK and also host church leader’s lunches for over 500 church leaders.

On a recent CARE supporter event, a visitor commented:

'The reports were both challenging and very encouraging.  I think the thing that struck me most was your emphasis on people’s human dignity – that each person is special in Gods eyes.  You made that very evident in the way you greeted each of us at the door and said ‘Goodbye’.  I came away feeling a valued human being!  Thank you!'

To find out if there is an event coming up soon near you, please contact: mail@care.org.uk