National Marriage Week 2019

National Marriage Week (NMW) is a celebration of marriage that takes place each year. CARE has been involved with marriage week since its beginning and continues to be involved in the planning and organisation. It is now run by the Marriage Foundation, a charity established to tackle the problem of family breakdown by championing marriage.  

Recipe’s for a healthy marriage

Each year Marriage Week has a theme. This year’s theme is the ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’. The ingredients for that recipe are kindness, friendship, commitment, forgiveness, intimacy, and communication.

Marriage: good for adults, children and communities

Marriage is a key social institution which is good for the family and good for society. Our faith tells us that marriage is a gift from God and a high calling that should be respected and honoured. Marriage brings with it benefits which go far beyond the fulfilment of romantic love.  Marriage is good for adults, children and communities.  There is compelling evidence that the stability and durability of the family unit is closely linked with the quality of the commitment and relationship of a couple. 

I'm going to stick by you: Lyndon and Celia’s story

This year, to help celebrate NMW, we wanted to bring you something a little bit more personal. Lyndon Bowring is CARE’s chairman and his wife, Celia writes our Prayer Diary as well as numerous other editorial tasks. In this short video, we hear their story – how they met and some of the big lessons they have learned after nearly 45 years of marriage.

Read some personal reflections

We asked seven members of the CARE team to write a personal blog on each of the key ingredients mentioned above. Read Allan's reflections on intimacyBen's thoughts on the importance of kindness in marriage, our CEO Nola's piece on friendship, Nadia's on commitmentHannah's on communication, Chris on forgiveness and Naomi on singleness.  

CARE’s work

Over the last year CARE has undertaken work in several areas, upholding marriage and family life, including:

  • Appointed a dedicated family policy officer to work in this area.

  • Published a report showing how the UK’s individualistic tax system is crippling one-earner families.

  • Provided support for an Inquiry into making work pay, looking at how families are suffering due to the UK’s absurdly high effective marginal tax rates

  • Working with MPs to raise specific concerns about the new relationships and sex education guidance, particularly on the right to opt-out of sex education. We also worked with MPs to make sure marriage was included within the relationship’s syllabus.

  • Challenging the Government’s divorce proposals which will have a negative impact on marriage. We responded to the consultation and our comments were picked up in various media outlets as well.

  • We continue to focus on making sure the internet is a more safe and secure place for children and young people.